Woodford County, Kentucky


Project: Midway Station; Midway, Kentucky
Urban design and Form-Based Codes (adopted as PUD) for a 170-acre industrial and business district at a major highway interchange and within the urban limits of a small town.

Client: Woodford County Economic Development Authority

Status: Currently under construction.

Surrounded by prosperous horse farms and scenic rolling hills, and strategically located along Interstate 64 in proximity to three major urban centers, Midway is clearly poised for continued economic growth. The Midway Station Master Plan encourages such growth while protecting the quality of place and environment.

This industrial area, located at the edge of the historic railroad town of Midway, called for a plan that establishes a pattern of efficient and intensive land use. Contrary to sprawling industrial parks, this compact district plan is based on large-scale perimeter blocks with interior work-courts. This framework creates a civil and pedestrian-friendly street environment and a more efficient (comparisons with area conventional business parks show a 30 to 40 % savings in land consumption) and business-friendly environment.

With approximately 1500 people within the City limits, Midway is the second largest concentration of people and commercial activity in the predominantly rural County. The City of Midway was an integral part of the planning for this Commerce District and supports and welcomes quality businesses into the community.

Infrastructure construction began in Spring 2003

Project: A county-wide master plan and revision of the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision regulations to a Form-Based Code approach. With Dover Kohl & Partners.

Client: Woodford County Fiscal Court and Task Force

Status: The County Comprehensive Plan was amended to follow the master plan


The Design for Tomorrow program, organized by the Woodford County Task Force, has crystallized a vision for preserving the distinctive qualities of the towns and farms of this rural county. In May 2000, citizens created a plan during a charrette run by Dover Kohl and Partners with Geoffrey Ferrell.

This plan, published in Preserving Town & Country in the Woodford County Bluegrass, has been largely adopted and is already impacting the landscape. It was also selected for a recent Kentucky Innovations Award. FMA is currently acting as interim County Town Planner -- working with the County Planning director on the Form-Based Code portion of the Zoning Ordinance for Woodford County.

Geoffrey Ferrell was the lead in developing the Form-Based Code, working extensively with County Planning staff, property owners, the Task Force and members of various commissions. The ‘Uptown’ Regional Commerce District project, the conversion of a struggling strip mall specifically addressed in the master plan and Form-Based Code, is now under construction.