Downtown Infill and Redevelopment

    Overland Park

 Heart of Peoria

    Marquette Waterfront

Nodes and Corridors

    Portsmouth, Virginia

    Columbia Pike, Virginia

 Broad Avenue Memphis  

 Fairfax Boulevard, Virginia

Campus Planning

    Oklahoma City Community College  
We offer a unique combination of urban design and traditional planning skills, approaching projects as Practical Idealists - recognizing both the immediate realities of the market and the long range goals of true community building.

The economic contingencies of construction, and market are not new and the lessons of good towns, cities, and neighborhoods certainly incorporate these real-world (and ever present) factors.

Good towns and neighborhoods are not counter to good business, in fact, they are about the creation of value. While they tend to not satisfy quick-buck strategies, they richly reward the delivery of quality and provide return on investment.