Transit-Oriented Development

    Farmers Branch Station Area

    Pleasant Hill B.A.R.T. Station

    Prince George's County Metro Stations 

Traditional Neighborhood Development

    Elm Street 


    Huron Point  

Regional Planning

    Woodford County - Design For Tommorrow

    Longleaf - Pasco County

    Mixed-Use Urban Centers

Ferrell Madden is a collaborative partnership of extraordinary individuals that have a successful history of working together. We work with some of America’s most talented design professionals, who bring outstanding skills and experience to every project. Team members collaborate on every aspect of projects from start to finish, which produces urban design work of the highest caliber.

Public Participation Charrettes have unequaled  effectiveness at identifying and focusing the political will of the citizens. Many projects undertaken by Ferrell Madden involve working directly with the public. With our guidance, citizens create drawings illustrating what they want in their community. We assemble the citizen drawings into a comprehensive master plan that provides a clear physical framework for the future.