Peoria, Illinois

Project: A master plan with Form-Based Codes for the 8,000-Acre Heart of Peoria center city area

Client: City of Peoria, Illinois

Contact: Patricia Landes, Planning Director, 305.494.8600

Status: Charrette/Master Planning Summer 2006; Comprehensive Plan amended and Form-District Codes Spring 2007; full Land Development Code adopted June 2007

Ferrell Madden Lewis was selected to lead the urban design and form-based coding effort. An interdisciplinary team from across the United States was assembled to plan for the redevelopment of the historic core of the city, including economic consultants, zoning experts, architects, and renderers.

Recognizing the disconnect between current regulations and the Heart of
Peoria Vision Plan (“endorsed” by the Peoria City Council in 2003) created an obstacle to implementation, the City Council established the Heart of Peoria Commission to make recommendations on moving the plan forward. Following a series of workshops on form-based codes in the fall of 2005, as well as extensive work by the Commission and city planning staff on codifying Heart of Peoria plan, the decision was made to hold a follow-up hands-on public participation design charrette. The goal of this new effort was to create a detailed vision for the Warehouse District along with two additional neighborhood commercial districts that were ripe for redevelopment and revitalization within the Heart of Peoria—Sheridan Triangle and the Prospect Corridor.

A series of design sessions were held with the general public, and the team received comments on a variety of development related issues. The most significant concern was how to create walkable commercial areas, and how to retro-fit existing corridors to complement the adjacent neighborhoods. The week long charrette resulted in specific concepts and designs to be implemented with form-based codes. The result was a detailed Form-Based Code for each of the vision areas, and a more generalized approach for the entire Heart of Peoria.

For more information (and to view the adopted ordinance) visit the project website