Contra Costa County, California

Project: Form-based coding for redevelopment of mixed-use Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Station and surrounding property  The master plan was produced through a Lennertz Coyle Associates led charrette. 

Client: Contra Costa County Redevelopment Agency

Status: Form-Based Code adopted; Phase One completed.

The redevelopment of the Pleasant Hill Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station was an effort initiated by the County and the developer. Following nearly 20 years of citizen opposition defeating every development proposal submitted, via a public participation charrette, the citizens developed a vision of what they would like to see built on the 18 acres of surface parking lots surrounding the station platform.

Geoffrey Ferrell provided the Form-Based Code for this redevelopment project, translating the urban design master plan into a workable implementation tool. The code regulates development to ensure a variety of building types and uses, including housing, retail, and office space, as well as the architectural aesthetic—including building materials and architectural detailing—that the citizens determined was appropriate for the character of their community.

The master plan was produced during a Lennertz Coyle Associates led charrette in the fall of 2000 and adopted by the County in 2002. The development has broken ground and construction is proceeding.

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