Prince George's County, Maryland

Project: Form-Based Code (zoning toolkit) for infill and development of Urban Centers identified in the County’s General Plan

Client: Maryland-National Capitol Parks and Planning Commission, Prince George’s County, Maryland

Contact: Chad Williams, M-NCPPC Project Manager, 301.952.3171

Status: Planning and code writing completed 2008; adopted February 2010

Ferrell Madden, working with Code Studio and Rhodeside & Harwell, preparing a comprehensive set of land development regulations for new urban centers within Prince George’s County on behalf of the Maryland-National Capital Parks and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC).

The 2002 General Plan represents some of the country’s most advanced planning efforts. It recognizes the proximity to Washington DC, existing transportation infrastructure, and natural beauty of Prince George’s County and wishes to make wise use of those assets. The Plan envisions future redevelopment and implementation of its Sector Plans in the urban centers as weaving together a full mix of uses—residential, commercial, and industrial—into sustainable forms, making communities, not just agglomerations of single-use zones.
More than a dozen Sector and Master Plans represent significant staff and citizen investment in the pursuit of vital, sustainable neighborhoods, corridors, and centers.

Simply stating that a place will be “mixed-use” does not make it so. This project focuses on providing staff with alternative strategies and tools to allow the targeted areas to redevelop in an urban mixed-use form. These regulations address not only the land uses and height but, fundamentally, the physical way that buildings relate to one another and to the street. Urban elements, like sidewalks and streetlights, and architectural standards, such as materials and construction techniques, are addressed to ensure a minimum level of detail and appropriate local character.

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