Prince George's County, Maryland

Project: Updates of Sector Plans and application of Mixed-Use Urban Centers Code Toolkit via Regulating Plans for 8 Urban Centers

Client: Maryland-National Capitol Parks and Planning Commission, Prince George’s County, Maryland

Contact: Sonya Ewing, M-NCPPC Project Manager, 301.952.3171

Status: Planning and code writing 2009; currently under review by County

Sub Region Four encompasses eight designated urban centers at Metro rail stations in close proximity to the District of Columbia.

Ferrell Madden, working with Rhodeside & Harwell and Code Studio, facilitated public-participation planning processes to confirm and/or reform sector plans into precise regulating plans applying the Mixed-Use Urban Centers Code Toolkit.

The centers have differing ages of regulation: recent (within five years) Sector Plan, older and outdated Sector Plan, or no Sector Plan at all. While each of the Centers have different demographics, the public process found consistent citizen desires:

        Locate homes, jobs and shopping closer to transit services.

        Locate the mix of live/work/shop uses in closer proximity to one another.

        Establish more land use/transit linkages making it easier to use transit.

The resulting regulating plans are for Centers at moderate to high intensities , integrating land uses in an urban form to encourage new investment and development. Street space improvements are included to increase walkability and bicycle usage. The projected urban form will increase transit use while ensuring compatibility with the existing surrounding neighborhoods.

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