Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Project: A campus master plan for a campus of 12,000 students
Client: Oklahoma City Community College, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Contact: John Boyd, Associate Vice-President for Community Development, 405.682.1611
Status: Master Planning 2008; Board of Regents unanimously adopted March 2009

The OCCC Board of Regents engaged Triad Design Group and Ferrell Madden Lewis to rethink the campus master plan and envision growth for the coming decade and well into the 21st Century. Several consistent themes emerged from the concept plans, which related directly to the guiding principles: compact character, phased/ incremental development, use nature as an asset, serve college and community, and improve campus identity.

The final master plan and guidelines embody several Big Ideas:

• near term - "green" walkable lots
• future - structured garages

Edges, Gateways, and Landmarks
• Flanking buildings to create gateway
• Visually terminating vistas to create
campus focal points
• Public art as landmarks

Pedestrian Priority
• crosswalks with vehicular yield
• shaded walkways with pedestrian-
scale lighting
• pedestrian mall along main building
• allee from campus core to pond

Community Access
• trails to and around existing pond
• defined recreation areas
• amphitheater as gateway

Sustainability and Stewardship
active naturalized waterways
• rain gardens and water re-use
• native tree species and low-water/maintenance plantings